Massage therapy

Swedish or therapeutic? For two? Pregnant women? Whatever your tension degree and your expectations, there is a massage for you at our place.

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Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage uses essential oils, and combines strong, soft movements to release tension and improve muscle tone. Attention is given to the muscles and the circulatory and nervous system. It has relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

Therapeutic Massage

This massage helps relieve muscle pain.

Massage for Two

In a massage room arranged for two people, you and your partner will benefit from the complete attention of two professional massage therapists who will work to eliminate all the tension and stress from your body. A shared moment of well-being.

Outdoor Massage

Taking advantage of the spa's natural setting, at the heart of the woods and offering a direct view on the Jacques-Cartier river, the outdoor massage lets you enjoy a unique relaxation experience in complete harmony with nature. This experience of total relaxation and harmony with nature can be offered solo or for two. (Available in summer only)

Massage for Pregnant Women

Performed on a table using a specially shaped pillow, massage during pregnancy is adapted to the physiological needs of pregnant women. It helps relieve aches (lower back, sciatic, neck, legs, shoulders, etc.) and provides means to better live through pregnancy, feel better about oneself and prepare to give birth.

Intense Nutrition facial treatment

Dedicated to preventing the first signs of skin aging. This algae-based treatment restores brightness and smooth complexion to your skin. The first signs of wrinkles and sagging fade away instantly. Skin is revived, softer and more radiant than ever.

Chocolate Body wrap

This treatment revitalizes and remineralizes your body. It also relieves muscular and joint pain. Ideal for physical fatigue, muscle tension, or simply to restore a feeling of well-being. The treatment begins with an application of a paste made with cacao all over the body (shoulders to toes), which is then wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with a blanket for better absorption. The heat aids in the dilation of blood vessels and the effective penetration of healthy compounds.

Marine Exfoliant treatment

For best treatment results, skin needs to be properly prepared! An ode to soft skin, Algotherm marine exfoliants are truly effective in preparing your skin for treatment. Two choices are available:

Marine Softness: Dedicated to sensitive and/or dry skin. This exfoliant treatment is performed with a smooth, unctuous cream, rich in exfoliating algae and vegetable particles. It's the ideal treatment for skin renewal.

Marine Sweet and Savoury: Dedicated to skin with oily tendencies. This tonifying exfoliant treatment is performed with a mix of salt crystals and exfoliant sugars, combined with a calming marine oil. This is an ideal treatment for a slimming, wellness, or remineralization program.